Wireless Printing

Step 1

Connect your laptop or mobile device to our Wifi Network: WFP-Library. (No password is needed).


Step 2

From an internet browser, go to: print.wfplibrary.org 


After reviewing the compatible file types select the "Proceed" button to continue.​

Wireless 01.PNG

Step 3

Select "Black and White" or "Color." (Prices are listed on our home page)

Step 4

Select the "Choose File" button to select what you'd like to print. Navigate to where your file is saved on your device and select it. 


Step 5

Select the "Upload File" button. It will list your unique Print Job ID.

Select "Click here to see the cost of your print job."

Wireless 02.PNG

Step 6

Review the listed pages and price. If this is correct, select the "Confirm" button.


Wireless 03

Step 7

When your print request is confirmed, give the circulation desk staff your Print Job ID and pay for your pages, and they will release your prints.

Wireless 04