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Do you have a book drop?

Do you have an outside book drop?

Yes! Our book drop is located near the back door. Take a left into the parking lot drive to the back lot (staying to the left) and you can drive right up to the return box. 

Can I donate used books and movies to the library?

Yes, the library welcomes donations books and movies (DVD's or Blu-ray) in good condition (with the exception of textbooks). 

Good condition means the items:

  • Are intact with no damage (have dust jackets)

  • Are free of dust and grime

  • Have no odor

4.3.5 Donations of Books and Other Materials (See full Collection Development Policy HERE)

The West Feliciana Parish Library accepts donations of books and other materials from individuals or groups with the following understanding:  


  • For an item to be added to the library’s collection, it must meet the same selection criteria as purchased materials.

  • Donations become the property of the West Feliciana Parish Library and may be given to other libraries and nonprofit agencies, sold at the Friends of the West Feliciana Parish Library book sale, or discarded at the discretion of library staff.

  • Donated materials that have been added to the collection will not automatically be replaced if worn out, damaged, or lost, or if they have become obsolete. 

  • The Library Director makes the final decision on the acceptance, use, display, housing, access, withdrawal, or other disposition of material gifts. 

  • The library does not provide a monetary appraisal of any gift for income tax or other purposes but may provide a receipt for the number of items donated. 

  • The Library Director reserves the right to refuse any offered donation that will place a hardship on the library (repair, condition, storage, size, etc.) 

  • If the library is offered items other than books, the Library Director will consider the following: 

    • Is the gift appropriate for a public library? 

    • Will the gift benefit the library and the community? 

    • Is there space in the library to accommodate it? 

    • Is there maintenance involved? If so, how will it be funded? 

Can I donate used books and movies to the library?
Can I bring my pet into the library?

We love all animals, but pets, emotional support animals, and other animals that have not been trained to perform specific acts directly related to an individual’s disability are not allowed into our libraries. Service animals are always welcome in our libraries.

Can I bring my pet inside the library?

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