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WFPL Summer
Reading 2023


All Ages Can Participate

To Sign Up:

  1. Sign up at the library with help from library staff or click on the Sign-up Form button.

  2. Get your reading log at the library, or print your own in color or black and white.

  3. Place a sticker (or fill in) on your reading log for every 30 minutes you read. Any kind of reading counts. Examples of reading that count:

  • Reading physical books, eBooks, magazines, newspapers, the back of a cereal box!

  • Listening to books on CD, audiobooks, or even books being read on YouTube!

  • Reading to children, reading to younger siblings, or reading as a family!


To Redeem Your Reading Time

Bring your reading log to the library and let staff know you want to "redeem" your reading time. If you are 11 or under you can pick a prize (or prizes) from the prize cart. If you are 12+ you can redeem your reading time for raffle tickets to be used for the raffle item(s) of your choice.

You can continue to redeem reading time until Saturday, August 5th



For every two (2) stickers earned you can choose a prize from our prize cart.


See our exhibit case for available prizes. The last day to submit reading hours is Saturday, August 5th.



For every two (2) stickers earned, you will get a raffle ticket to submit for a prize of your choice! The more hours you read, the more chances you’ll have to win.


See our exhibit case for available prizes. Drawing will be August 7th. The last day to submit reading hours is Saturday, August 5th.

Summer AR Testing

West Feliciana Middle School students are invited to come to the library between 5 PM and 7 PM to take Accelerated Reader tests for school credit, courtesy of  Mrs. Lathrop!

Click HERE and choose Study Programs to find AR Books at the West Feliciana Parish Library.

June 15th

June 29th

July 13th

July 27th

Reading in a Bookstore

A Big Thank You to Our 2023 SPONSORS

Friends of the WFP Library
Ma Milles, Gifts & Boutique
Red Stick Spice Co.
Temple Design


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