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Meeting Room Policy and Fees


The West Feliciana Parish Library meeting rooms may be rented by various groups and organizations.  All forms including a formal application must be completed and given to the Facility Administrator at least 10 days prior to the event to ensure room availability.


Fees for Meeting Rooms


Fee applies to businesses, private individuals, and private groups.

Events must specify time needed and may be held during or after regular operating hours.

Examples may include private parties, receptions, seminars, or workshops.

All fees must be paid in full ($300) one week prior to the event.


$150 for Large Meeting Room with an additional $150 security deposit

(deposit is returnable upon satisfactory cleaning and condition of facility)


$ 50 for Project Room with an additional $50 security deposit

(deposit is returnable upon satisfactory cleaning and condition of room)


Policy for Meeting Rooms



DO NOT poke holes in our walls. No staples, tacks, nails, etc. allowed. Only scotch tape may be used to hang anything on the walls

Organizations or individuals may not solicit, sell products or services, or charge attendance fees (directly or indirectly)

Meeting room users are expected to arrive not more than 30 minutes in advance unless pre-arranged with library staff. Users must leave within 30 minutes of designated appointed time.


$150 cash deposit is required when meeting room is booked.

$150 fee must be one week prior to the event.

For groups exceeding 100 people, an off-duty police officer is required onsite.

The library uses a coffee service, the fee is $5.00 per pot. No outside supplies allowed.



Groups wishing to use the large meeting room on a continuing basis (weekly, monthly) should contact the Facility Administrator for availability and possible fees.  Examples may include Girl Scouts, Boys Scouts, Book Study Groups, and Civic Organizations.



Please contact the Facility Administrator, at 225-245-3746, to inquire about meeting room availability or with any questions about the use of the facilities.

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