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Get Your Game On!

The West Feliciana Parish Library is proud to announce a new collection of board games. In addition to the books, movies, audiobooks, and hobby kits, patrons now have the opportunity to play one or more of the 28 games available for check out.

Tabletop games can be fun, but they can also be expensive. Our new collection of games allows people to play a variety of games without having to worry about the price point.

The collection boasts 28 games, including family favorites like Clue, Cranium, and Monopoly as well as new and popular titles like Catan, Forbidden Island, and Ticket to Ride. The collection also features a variety of gameplay styles, from party games to strategy and cooperative games. Patrons can play games in the library, or they can check them out for three weeks to play with family and friends. It can be fun to go analog and have a family game night or have your friends over to try something new.

The library offers games for all ages, with classics like Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit as well as games that younger children can enjoy, like Jenga and It Fits. Board games and tabletop games can also help with early learning. According to Scholastic, board games can help with language skills, focus, fine motor skills, and teamwork, and they can even help to reduce anxiety.

Adding board games will also allow the library to host game-related programming, like teen board game nights and adult game time that can fit patrons’ schedules. Patrons can look for public announcements as well as posts on the library’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more information about upcoming events.

The library hopes to grow its board game collection, adding games that patrons want to play. If the collection doesn’t include the board game a patron is looking for, they can simply fill out an item request, and the game will be added to the collection.

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